Tolle's Tidbits - Forego Frozen Pipes

January 28, 2012

Ideal HomesExample of Damaged Exterior Pipe takes a proactive approach to deter potential home ownership mishaps. Even addressing issues before they happen leaves room for error. Our warranties help eliminate financial burdens that may arise in the event something does go awry. Our Customer Care Team visits our home owners at 60 days and eleven months after residing in the home. This is to address anything which can be covered under our one-year builder warranty & to ensure all expectations are met. One thing which helps home owners avoid unnecessary mishaps is education. Frozen pipes can plague even the most savvy home owner. Tolle states the following in regards to avoiding this cold and costly issue: Unhook hoses or any applications to exterior faucets during below freezing temperatures. These can hold water in the faucets causing it to break inside the wall. (See the faucet image.) The next time the exterior faucet is used, water may leak into the wall due to the break. Exterior faucets affected by freeze breaks are not covered under warranty and may become a costly repair expense. When temperatures drop to freezing level ensure avoidance of frozen interior pipes by leaving a steady drip in water through faucets most affected by the decreased temperature. It is also helpful to open cabinets and circulate the warmer air to keep the pipes warmer. If the air is still too cold, caulk and seal any openings near the pipes. Check out our last blog post about year round lawn health. If you have tidbits of advice you would like to share, email Visit Ideal Homes to learn more about our company, products and communities.  
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