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Giving Back to Our Communities

Family in Haiti living in a new home built by Homes for Hope

Ideal Homes for Haiti

Did you know that Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods gives back 10% of profits to local, national, and international charitable organizations?

In fact, $1,000 from the sale of every home will help fund a new home in Haiti for families who lost their home to devastating earthquakes. Many of these families have been living in tarp homes for over a decade with dirt floors and no toilets, showers, or other running water. Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is teaming up with Mission of Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to building homes for underserved families around the world.

Every 12 homes sold by Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods will fund one new home for a family in Haiti with bedrooms, common areas, and running water. To find out more about Mission of Hope, visit

    Giving Back

    Faithful Giving

    Giving back is just a part of who we are at Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods. Co-Founder and CEO, Vernon McKown, often reiterates the
    company’s priority to support the communities in which we live and work throughout central Oklahoma. The company and individuals at Ideal have made incredible impacts in our communities over the past 30 years through both large and small projects alike, but Ideal was looking for a more intentional way to give back. Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods hired a new role for outreach ministry and focus on philanthropic efforts to help make an impact in the areas we live and work. 

    Mary Abbott House Renovation

    Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods heard of a need to renovate a bathroom at the Mary Abbott Children’s House, a shelter for abused children in Norman, OK to have a safe environment to share their stories and start their healing process. Ronda McKown, outreach ministry for the company, immediately got to work enlisting the help of Ideal partners and provided funding from Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods to help make the renovated space a reality.

    Crossroads Youth & Family Services

    Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods teamed up with the United Way of Norman for a Day of Caring at Crossroads Youth & Family Services where more than 30 Ideal employees volunteered their time to renew living spaces for foster children who call it home. Ideal volunteers grabbed their gear and got to work. It was the biggest transformation project of 2021 while volunteers did everything from painting walls, building bookcases and storage, creating a new playground, and spending a day hanging out with the kiddos. 

    Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is proud to say that employees donated more than $30,000 to the United Way of Norman. The company donated $20,000 directly to Crossroads Youth and Family Services, and the County Commissioner matched the donation to bring the total to $40,000.

    Saville Center

    Children who experience abuse in Payne and Logan Counties are supported by the integrated services and support offered through the Saville Center in Stillwater, OK. Children who are neglected, abused, witnesses to violent crimes, or even trafficked, are referred to the Saville Center by DHS or law enforcement to support the child through their trauma. 

    This can be a very difficult process for children, but their therapy dog, Maria, helps bring comfort. Maria provides comfort and support for children during difficult or upsetting questioning or testimony, counseling sessions, and much more.  Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods gave $10,000 to the Saville Center to sponsor Maria’s doghouse inside the medical cottage and to support the center’s mission to treat and comfort children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

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