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Our principles are built on a foundation of the highest quality standards, building community, and giving back. We've built more than 12,000 homes and continue to grow. We pride ourselves on our premiere quality. We are the only home builder in Oklahoma to offer guaranteed heating and cooling costs, a 2-year warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty. We believe in our homes so much that many of our employees choose to live in Ideal homes as well.

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Your Ideal Design Center

The Ideal Design Center is truly one of a kind. This is where all that time on Pinterest pays off as you work with your personal design representative to make your new home a reflection of your style and personality.

The Ideal Guarantee

We're the only builder in Oklahoma to guarantee your heating and cooling costs. We save you money by innovating beyond energy efficient standards so that your home is at the top of the energy efficiency spectrum. We also believe so strongly in the quality of an Ideal Home that we also provide a free two-year warranty and a 10-year industry-leading structural warranty. 

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