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Ideal Story


We aren’t like other builders. Sure you hear this all the time, but our principles are built on a foundation of longtime friendships, local involvement, and giving back. Ideal Homes is a company with heart.  We don’t just build homes; we believe in investing in local and global communities.

It all started thirty years ago when our founders, two of which were fresh out of college, decided to build a few homes. This little endeavor blossomed into the largest provider of homes to Oklahoma families. With over 10,000 homes built and counting, we strive not just to create communities, but to participate in them as well.

Our strong philanthropic company philosophy sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on being a part of the communities in which we build.  Not only do we think locally but we act globally too as we strive to stay ahead of the curve on energy efficiency to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize homeowners’ savings.

We also stay on top of our game when it comes to Proactive Customer Care, Livability, and Discipline and Consistency.

Company Culture

Hiring the right people is very important to us. If you’ve already seen what we do to give back to the local and national community and taken a look at our accolades, you know we provide a caring environment both for our neighbors and our employees while excelling at what we do. We couldn’t do that all without the right team.

Ideal Homes passionately builds homes for people. We have strong company values that include energy innovation and top quality customer service. Is it any wonder that we only want Ideal Homes’ team members that are passionate about what they do? That’s why we are fanatical about who we hire. Every potential employee goes through three rounds of interviews before we add them to our team, a process that takes about 8 hours. So when we say we’ve assembled the best and brightest...we mean it and it reflects in the number of long-term employees that we hang out with on a daily basis.

We feel like having an environment where people love their jobs will only increase the quality of our homes and the experience of our homebuyers. Over the past several years Ideal Homes has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Oklahoma. From Bring Your Kids to Work Days to the social events we put together, we build a friendly work environment that serves us 10-fold in creating our quality homes in the Oklahoma City metro area.