Ideal Homes - A Certified Professional Builder

February 2, 2012

Ideal Homes is proud to be designated as a Certified Professional Builder by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association (OSHBA). Certified Professional Builders earn the designation by demonstrating a commitment to professionalism, safety, fairness, and progressive building techniques. Over a decade ago, OSHBA created the the designation to increase professionalism in the industry. Because Oklahoma doesn't have builder licensing, the Certified Profession Builder program protects homebuyers by setting the best builders apart from their competitors. A Certified Professional Builder voluntarily commits to a set of industry best practices. Requirements to qualify for the program include participating in continuing education each year to stay at the top of their field. Continuing education classes include topics such as ethics and safety. Other requirements include building to required standards, following the OSHBA Code of Ethics, providing homeowners with a written warranty, and carrying the proper insurance. By working with a Certified Professional Builder like Ideal Homes, home buyers can feel confident that they are working with a professional builder who is committed to building quality homes.
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