Organizing Three Months Before The Move

March 12, 2015

Spring and summer are the most active moving seasons in the country. The weather’s getting nice, the kids are out of school, and the moving vans are in full swing. There is a lot of preparation that goes into a move. It may seem daunting when looked at as the whole, but if you break it down into pieces it makes it so much easier to swallow. Whether you are moving locally in the Oklahoma City metro, or all the way across the country, this will help you get yourself organized. Three Months Before the Move Start a Moving File – In the digital world, sometimes there is nothing more calming than slowing down and writing physical checklists. Create a binder. Use this as a place to collect your thoughts. Add sections for estimates, receipts, and inventory. Put your to-do lists in the binder. Begin Your Research – Look into school registration, make a list of utility companies, look into doctors in the area, and anything else you can think of that will make your move easier once you get there. Get Estimates – Depending on the time of year you are moving, it’s best to start looking sooner than later for moving estimates. Create a section in your binder and assemble the quotes as you get them. Make a Wind Down List – Figure out all the things you need to close or change on your moving end. Utilities, mailing address, re-routing important documents like tax documents with your employer, gathering school records for the kids, grabbing medical files if they can’t transfer them electronically. Since moving can be a lot to take in, so can getting yourself organized. We’ll have another installment next week to help you get organized two months out from your move.
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