Pre-Construction Meeting and Snow Delays

March 9, 2015

Julie, an Ideal Homes employee, and her husband Kevin are sharing their experience of building a new Ideal Home. You can read their previous posts here: Post 1: Our New Home – The First Step Post 2: Designing Our Home – A Female and a Male Perspective Post 3: His and Her Top Ten Things Learned in the Selections Process Post 4: Finalization Meeting, Kids and a Bad Husband Our new home is officially under construction! We had our pre-construction meeting where we met with our builder, Greg, and got to see the plans of our house drawn up. He explained how the process would work, answered all our questions, and asked us how we’d like him to keep us updated on the home’s progress. Last time we drove through the community, the footings were poured, so we were able to walk out onto the home site and show our six-year-old where his new room will be. It’s all becoming real! Our home was ready for the foundation to be poured…then, the snow came, bringing everything to a halt. We’re learning that when building a home some things move along more quickly than expected and other times things slow down. But a little snow can’t dampen our excitement. It will warm up soon and things will start moving again. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the fall when we’ll be in our new Ideal home. Jarnagin Footing
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