Oklahoma City Boasts Low Cost of Living

March 17, 2020

Oklahoma City SkylineAccording to BestPlaces.net, the cost of living in the Greater Oklahoma City area falls well below the national average. The Best Places site indices are based on a U.S. average of 100. An amount below 100 means Oklahoma City is below the national average, while an amount above 100 would make it higher. Best Places calculates that Oklahoma City’s overall cost of living index is 85.4 Housing, which the website valued at 56.2, is the biggest factor in Oklahoma City’s cost of living difference compared to the nation as a whole. In determining Oklahoma City’s overall score, Best Places weighed all the cost of living categories as follows:
  • Housing – 30%
  • Food and groceries – 15%
  • Transportation – 10%
  • Utilities – 6 %
  • Healthcare -7%
  • Miscellaneous clothing, services and entertainment – 32%
Oklahoma as a state also comes out well when its tax situation is compared to the rest of the nation:
  • The state’s sales tax is 12% lower than the national average
  • Its income tax is 78% lower than the national average
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