Fun With Your Toddler While You're Both at Home

March 19, 2020

Toddler activities at home Many folks have found themselves needing to entertain their toddlers for what likely seems like infinitely long stretches of time.  This can be especially difficult since play dates with friends and youngsters going to their usual day care or mothers-day-out activities aren’t currently available as options. Here are some activities that might help the time pass more quickly for both you and your toddler. Hold Your Own Dance Party Since helping your little one burn off some of their seemingly infinite stores of energy is of the utmost importance at times like these, the two of you—or however many of you are at home—would be well advised to hold your own dance party. This can be either impromptu or planned out. You and your toddler can dress up in party clothes or boogie down in pajamas; the dress code is up to you, as is your musical selection. Your playlist can include their favorite little kid songs or (clean) pop or rock selections, whatever you’d both enjoy jumping around to is fine. Something with a definite beat is suggested. All you need is enough room to move around and something (radio, iPod, stereo, whatever) that can play your music loud enough for you to enjoy but not so uproarious as to make your neighbors call the police. Have a Stuffed Animal Safari Quite often little ones have a massive number of stuffed animals. If that’s the case in your house, why not place them in several different semi-hidden spots around your house and have your youngster go on a safari to find those stuffed critters in their new habitats? This can be a “photo” safari, if you like, where you can snap a picture of your toddler finding each animal and posing with them there in the wilds of your living room, dining room, den or for your friends online.  Once all of the animals on the safari have been found, your great hunter could draw pictures of the pretend locations where their stuffed friends were hidden and how their safari adventures unfolded. Hunt for Buried Treasure If it’s not raining outside you could bury a little treasure (perhaps a few coins or some candy) in a metal box (like an Altoids container or anything you don’t mind burying) in a pile of sand or little plastic balls or whatever you feel they could safely “dig” through in your backyard and give your youngster a scoop or big spoon for their digging. To keep things interesting, you probably want to have two or more piles, but the treasure is only in one, so it’s not something they will automatically find quickly. If it is raining outside, you could let your young treasure hunter search through large pots or bowls inside instead. You could also up the ante a bit by adding in an additional prize like getting to decide what’s for dinner (or dessert) or whatever your toddler would appreciate and enjoy. Watch Movie Videos Although it’s not something you want to do for an endless amount of time, there’s nothing wrong with letting your toddler watch an age-appropriate movie every now and then. In fact, to help you find the right viewing for your little one, Good Housekeeping compiled this list of 15+ Best Toddler Movies for When You Need a Short Break. A Multitude of Other Options There are any number of great activities for you and your toddler. Check out these Top 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers. And these Indoor Activities for Toddlers. There’s also these 13 Simple Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Do at Home. May you and your little one find ways to enjoy each other and life in general while spending this time together.
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