Feature Friday: Ideal Homes and the OK Business Ethics Consortium

April 20, 2012

Ethics are defined as principles defining proper conduct among people. Similarly, business ethics are principles defining proper conduct among employees and companies in the world of commerce. Ideal Homes takes business ethics very seriously and works hard to promote integrity in the workplace, according to the company's Human Resources Coordinator, Linda Streun. One way Ideal Homes supports a professional, honest work environment is through involvement with the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium. According to okethics.org: "Through monthly meetings, Ok Ethics members strive to gain recognition for Oklahoma as a state that values integrity in business dealings." Its mission is to provide networking, resources, education and mentoring for its members. In addition, the consortium's guiding principles are responsibility to self and others, leading with integrity and inspiring trust. Today the consortium has 700 members for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chapters combined. "OK Ethics began in 2003 with six people sitting around the table talking about promoting ethics in the workplace," Linda said, "so what a wonderful growth this organization has had." Ideal Homes participates in the consortium through attendance and volunteering at luncheons and judging in the Statewide Student Ethics Challenge. The company is proud to be an Oklahoma Ethics Consortium award recipient. "Ideal Homes was the 2008 Compass Award recipient for the mid-size business category," Linda said. "Applying for the Compass Award gave us the opportunity to review our policies and procedures to confirm we are promoting ethical work behavior. The Compass Award application is listed on the OK Ethics website and can be used by other companies to see how we handle various situations in the workplace while working with integrity." Linda said that Ideal Homes receives many benefits from its membership in the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium. "We feel our involvement openly displays that we promote ethics in the workplace," Linda said. "Attending the meetings we have the privilege of hearing great, knowledgeable speakers who share their experiences and help you to walk away with a new perspective on topics that can help you in your daily work routines. We were fortunate to hear speakers such as Steve Ford, Stephen Covey, Tom Hill, Tom Pace and Jay Wilkinson to name just a few. Our involvement allows us the opportunity to meet and network with other business professionals with like-minded beliefs and share information about our company as well. We find that the Oklahoma Ethics Consortium is in alignment with our ethical values and community involvement." High standards, values and work ethics - those are the qualities represented by the companies involved in the consortium, Linda said. "We want to lead by example and help others reach their goals. By interaction with other companies we always can learn from others' experiences. It makes you proud to know your company is a part of this organization. By getting involved, organizations can proactively address ethical behaviors while enjoying a common bond with each other. We feel it's just the right thing to do!" Linda added.
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