Tolle's Tidbits - Storm Safety

April 23, 2012

Tornadoes have given our state a reputation nationwide as having fierce and frightening weather with which to reckon. The Greater OKC Chamber has conducted multiple site surveys through their Economic Development efforts. The executives and employees with out of state companies consistently mark weather in Oklahoma as a major concern. It is wise to heed caution when dealing with and severe storms. For those living in Oklahoma already as well as those looking to move here through relocation with their employers there are resources available to help you prepare for emergency situations associated with bad weather. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides which includes purchasing a NOAA Radio. This radio allows you to receive constant updates throughout severe weather; CDC recommends you purchase one with battery backup in the event there's a power outage. includes a reference to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines on safe rooms (under the "safe rooms" tab) in their. shares where to take cover when sirens sound in their blog providing shelter advice. These guidelines are important to follow. The recent 2a.m. sirens waking many from sleep during the tornadic front that blew through Oklahoma allowed for an opportunity to exercise best practices for finding shelter. According to KOCO's post, it is best to "shelter-in-place" when sirens sound. Here is a map of Oklahoma posted by to help you know where counties are located. This will help you understand where the storm fronts being mentioned in news coverage are located. We at Ideal Homes want all of our home owners to keep friends and family safe during severe storm seasons. Contact our Customer Care Team, if you would like additional safety tips. You are also welcome to email and offer tips you have learned and want to share with others:
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