Decorating For All Seasons: Quick Changes For a Fresh Look

April 19, 2012

You've got the new home, now what about a new look? Do you get tired of looking at the same room in your house, but you don't know how to spice it up? Here are a few quick changes you can make to a room to keep it looking different year round. Neutrals - This may sound drab and boring, but when you start with neutral colors for your furniture you can use just about any accessory to accentuate a room and bring out different colors, patterns and looks for the different seasons. Throw Pillows and Blankets - With the multitude of home stores out there like HomeGoods it's easy to find inexpensive, colorful pillows to change the look of a couch, chair, daybed, or window seat. Think about spring greens, happy pinks, or sky blues. Add pattern along with your color and bring out some fun in your decorating. Toss a colorful blanket throw over the back of a couch or the arm of a chair and you have something new, flitty and fun. Table Top Accessories - A strategically placed knick-knack can change the look of a room. Think about groupings that go with a season. Find fun accessories at stores like Pier 1 and don't be afraid to change them out. This could include: pottery bowls, glass vases, sculptures or potted plants. Artificial Plants and Flowers - Not so good with the real stuff, or have pets that you are afraid will destroy a genuine plant? Try a visit to Michaels and find some seasonal colored silk flowers and plants to change out into vases big and small to transform the look and feel of your house on for any season. Potpourri, Scented Candles and Bowl Fillers - Smell tackles another one of your decorating senses. You can change out the feel of a room just by changing the smell. Utilize colorful mixes of potpourri, decorative candles of various colors, and other bowl fillers like smooth stones or seashells. Rotate Your Artwork - A strategically placed picture on the wall can completely change the look of a room. With so many inexpensive art options out there both online and off, it's easy to find some bold pieces to really change a room. Decide on a Color Pallet and Style - What's your style? Do you like a sea theme for the summer, a flower theme for the spring, and so on? What colors draw you in? Once you've put down a few ideas for each season you can begin to compile the few items it will take to transform your rooms. Try not to go overboard. A little bit of decorating goes a long way. Pick and choose from the ideas above and have decorating ideas for every season in your new home. Image source: ©
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