What Women Want In A New Home

April 12, 2012

For years now, successful home builders have been listening to the trends and understanding that women have more purchasing power than ever before. Single households are more likely to be headed up by women, and women make a good deal of the home buying decisions. With this in mind there are a few areas that builders in today's market have been paying attention to in the design of new homes. The following are just a few trends you will see that were developed as builders do their market research and find out what women really want. Stop And Drop Areas - These areas off the garage afford a place to store coats, shoes, rain gear, phone charging stations, key holders, mail etc. All the things that become scattered throughout the home can be contained in one handy area instead of ending up spread across kitchen counters, dining room tables, and entryways. Conveniently Placed Laundry Rooms - This easy modification saves families from the drudges of laundry. Having the laundry room located near bedrooms is a practical solution that can save the homeowners time and add convenience to the process Plenty of Well Laid Out Kitchen Cabinets - Storage tends to be on the top of the list of must-haves for women, particularly in the kitchen. Pantries and cabinets that provide plenty of well-utilized storage space make the kitchen more usable and appealing. In addition to these 3 handy features, there are countless others that have been developed around understanding not just what women want in their homes, but also what is good for the whole family. Tell us what you'd like to see in your new Ideal home? Image source: ©PhotoXpress.com
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