8 To-Do's That Prepare Your Home For Winter

October 23, 2014

As temperatures drop it's always a good idea to do a few jobs around your home to keep things in working order and be prepared for the season's change. winter repairs and inspections for your home Power wash - Fall is a good time to power wash any mold and mildew buildup that has occurred on siding, concrete slabs and in crevices. It looks better and is healthier for the longevity of the materials your home is built with. Check Roof - Inspect for missing or loose tiles. Be proactive with repairs. Clear off debris that can create soft spots on rooftops. Roofing requires general maintenance to retain its warranty. Chimney Check - If you have wood burning or gas fireplaces it's always a good idea to check them out before the first use of the season. Make sure flues are open and clear, gas lines are fully functional, and in the case of wood burning fireplaces make sure there is no creosote buildup. Winterize Hose Bibs - Make sure you unhook all hoses and cover your outdoor faucets with an insulated cover. Final Lawn Fertilize - Do a final lawn care maintenance plan. Think about aerating and fertilizing it to ensure green grass in the spring. Cover or Store Out-door Furniture - Make sure to cover and store your outdoor furniture for the season so that it won't take undue wear and tear from the winter elements.
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