5 Decorating Tips for the Autumn Season

October 3, 2013

The warmer days are fewer and further between now, and there's crispness in the air that we've all missed. When we change out our wardrobe around this time of year, the colors usually subtly change along with the materials. Why not dress up your home the same way? Here are a few ideas to give your home a new feel to go along with the new season. Flowers are out, gourdes are in - All the pretty spring and summer flowers have long since lost their luster. If you have a thing for potted plants on your steps or along your porch, try some nice arrangements with various pumpkins, squash, and other gourdes. They add the rich colors that go along with the season. Wreaths - Wreaths are not just for the holidays. You can either make or buy beautiful twisted branch wreaths with a fall flower, perhaps pine cones, or fall colors intertwined to give your door a little flair. Play with pillows - Just a couple of different fall colored throw pillows will give a seasonal change to your home. Play with deep colors, fun patterns, and even textures to go from light summer to rich fall. Glass vases are your friend - The beauty of glass bowls and vases is you can go from shells and sand in the summer, to pine cones and berries (Fake of course) in the fall and winter. By placing them on counter tops, accent tables, and hearths you can easily bring the outdoor season in. Scents - It's amazing what your nose knows. Just a hint of spice in the air can bring on visions of colder seasons. Fall scented candles, incense or even plugins will bring the evergreen, the pumpkin spice, and the cranberry into your home and trigger memories of cooler colorful seasons. These subtle and inexpensive changes can reflect the change of season both inside and outside your home, and create a pleasant environment. Little decorator changes help keep you loving your new home as you grow with it.
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