3 Easy-to-Do but Easy-to-Forget Home Maintenance Items

June 27, 2012

Staying on top of general home maintenance may not be at the top of your to-do list this summer, but performing some routine upkeep will help minimize home repairs and ensure the enjoyment of your home for years to come. Here are three simple things you can do this summer.
  • Clean out the Dryer Vent - It's important to check the outside vent that connects to your dryer twice a year. This vent is often located on the roof of your home. Check for any lent build-up that's clogging the vent and clean it out to prevent fires and help your dryer operate properly. Once you've cleaned it, take a look at the vent while the dryer is running to assure the air is flowing freely.
  • Clean and Seal Tile Showers - Grout sealer prevents moisture from seeping through the grout and even underneath your tiles, which could create mildew and mold. Sealing your grout also makes cleaning easier by keeping dirt and grime from entering the grout. Repeat this every 6 months for best results.
  • Check caulking in bathrooms, kitchens and around trim - Weather and time will shrink caulking so that it no longer provides a good seal against moisture and air infiltration, thus reducing the energy efficiency of your home. Periodically check the caulking and make repairs as needed. Silicone Caulk is designed to work where water is present, like where a tub meets tile or a sink meets the countertop. Acrylic/Latex caulking is appropriate for an area that requires painting, such as where a countertop backsplash meets the wall.
These easy-to-do items will help keep your home in top condition.
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