5 Apps That Make Home Ownership Easy!

June 28, 2012

We live in a day and age where the phrase "there's an app for that," is so truthful that it applies to every imaginable aspect of life, including home ownership. Not only are there some great apps out there to help maintain your home, but there are also some inexpensive ways to turn your house into a smart home. The following are some great apps to think about once you're settled into your new home. 1. HomeSmarts - When you purchase a new home, you also take on one of the joys of home ownership - Home maintenance. This free app by Service Magic helps you organize your maintenance schedule for your home, gives you seasonal essentials, and recommends easy preventative strategies to save you money. 2. Home Tips - Everyone these days talks about going green in order to be kinder to the environment, and more energy efficient. For $0.99 this guide gives you smart green inexpensive solutions to clean and maintain your house with natural materials found in your home. 3. Warranty Count Lite - Think about all the electronic and mechanical products you have in your home that have a warranty. Where do you keep all that information and those phone numbers? Warranty Count Lite (the free version) gives you a place to keep all that information, the hot line information and keeps a running count down of days until your warranty for your equipment expires. 4. Nest - This app works in conjunction with the Nest Learning Thermostat. This little gem allows you to adjust your home temperature from anywhere using your ipad, iphone, or ipod touch. Did you just leave on vacation and forget to change the thermostat for energy conservation? Do it from your smart phone. You can create a schedule for your heating and cooling needs on the go and adjust it remotely. Use the nest leaf feature to see if you are saving money. 5. Sonos - This app (Along with the Sonos components) will allow you to stream all the music on earth all over the house wirelessly with no docking or computer system. This system works seamlessly with just about any music app you can possibly think of. You can play a different song in every room or the same song in perfect synch throughout the entire house. These are just a few ideas to make your home more enjoyable, energy efficient, and keep everything well maintained at the same time. Also think about looking to see if your individual utility companies and home security companies have an app. It may help you better monitor usage, bills, and more.
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