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Why It's Smart to Buy Now: Does your list of home repairs seem a mile long?

Reason#3 - Does your list of home repair seem a mile long?

January 22, 2023

Does your list of home repairs seem a mile long?

If you own a home that’s hitting its adolescent years, you know that costly home repairs will hit you sooner or later. Sometimes an unnoticed issue will snowball into a catastrophic failure that costs you thousands of dollars like an older a/c unit, a cracked foundation, or a leaky roof. Some home warranties cover major homeowner headaches, but not all. A ceiling leak might be paid for, but problems with the sewer line or air conditioning unit outside might be issues you are responsible for.

And then there’s the interior: new flooring, kitchen cabinets, and updated bathrooms are all high-dollar items, which you may or may not have savings to afford.

But if you’re starting to get overwhelmed by all the repairs and want to move and start fresh, consider a brand-new home that won’t come with the repairs you’re currently facing.

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is an excellent source of information for homeowners. Ideal can help you consider your options and guide you through the entire home buying process. 

With Ideal, you will find homes built to the highest quality standards, and a customer experience second to none. You can decide to build a custom home and choose your community, floor plan, and any upgrades you’d like to include, or buy a pre-designed home in the best location with excellent amenities built right in. And to protect your investment, Ideal is the only new home builder in Oklahoma to offer guaranteed heating and cooling usage on most Ideal homes, a one-year warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty. Your new Ideal home also saves you money by introducing innovations in energy efficiency -- you will enjoy a comfortable home that is both sustainable and healthy.

So, if you and your family decide to say goodbye to that long list of home repairs and hello to peace of mind, let us show you a new Ideal home.