Welcome to the Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods family! Here’s what to expect!!

January 19, 2022

Congratulations on your new home! We’re so excited to welcome you to the Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods family. We’re going to show you what you can expect over the coming days, weeks, and months as your new home is being built.

At this point, you have received several documents about your new Ideal home. We are going to walk you through how to read each one and confirm your home plans. Let’s review the documents.

1) The first document is called your Options Addendum. This document is a complete list of all the selections you have made at the Design Center. This includes paint colors, upgrade options, all the specific decisions you have made to make your new home.

2) Your second document is your Plot Plan. This document shows the orientation of your home. This includes garage placement, utility easements (electrical and gas lines), and any additional upgraded concrete sections.

3) The third document is your Floor Plan. This document shows the interior room conversions or placement and direction of all areas of your new home, such as the dining area, study, or secondary bedrooms. This will also show the orientation of tile, wood floors, laminate floors, etc.

4) The fourth document is your Elevation. The document shows you the exterior style of the home you chose at the Design Center. This will include options you selected for paint, stain, brick, etc. 

5) The fifth document is your Cabinet Drawings. This document shows you all the cabinets in your new home. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, utility room, and any additional areas. 

6) Finally, the sixth document is your Electrical Plan. This document allows to you visualize where your outlets will generally be located but also list any additional and specific locations you have chosen. 

If anything seems different from the original items and selections made at the Design Center again, please report any discrepancies to your New Home Consultant within the next 7 days! If changes are made after those 7 days, there may be a chance the change may not be possible, or additional fees may incur.

Now we have reached your new home's Timeline

 1) Your New Home Consultant will keep you updated with progress reports and photos. Once the construction phase begins, it will take about 5-6 months to complete. 

2) Your interest rate and a closing date will be set 30 days before completion. 

3) Our Customer Care team will schedule a time for your new home orientation. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have about your home. 

4) Customer Care will come back 30 -60 after closing to address any questions or concerns.

Again, we want to welcome you to the Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods family! Any questions you may have should be directed to your New Home Consultant throughout the construction process.

For Quick Answers, Call or Text:
(405) 689-5443