Top Marketing and Merchandising Tips For A Quick Sale

April 5, 2012

You've wanted to buy a new home for a while now. You'd like to take advantage of the low interest rates, the energy efficient homes, and the modern features that can be found in a new home. The only problem, you are dragging your feet because you have a home to sell. In the past we've given you a few tips on inexpensive interior and exterior modifications to make to help sell your home, but here are a few marketing and model home tips that you can use to get your home sold quickly. We will give you some great marketing resources along with some of the things we do to make our own models appeal to home buyers. Marketing Tips: 1) Directional Signs - Make sure that you have signs in obvious traffic areas directing prospects toward your home. Make sure they are big enough so that people driving by can clearly read where the home for sale is located. 2) Online Ads - There are lots of free places that you can market your home online including Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, or take a look at a free listing tool called 3) Appealing Photographs - Take beautiful pictures of all the main rooms and areas in the house including outdoor spaces. Make sure all areas are clean and tidy and show well. Use these pictures in your online marketing ads. 4) Virtual Tours - Often, with your online marketing ads, you can attach virtual tours and youtube videos. There's nothing more appealing to prospective homebuyers then to be able to tour the home ahead of time on the internet. You can also use your photographs to create your virtual tour with free slideshow software. Model Tips: 1) Turn on Every Light In The House - On showing days check light bulbs make sure nothing is bunt out and turn every light on in the house. People love open light airy houses and this will help your home show well. 2) Clear All Counters - Put away all appliances from the counter tops and make them clean and clear to display counter space possibilities. 3) Clear the Refrigerator - The outside, not the inside. Make sure you don't have endless items affixed to your fridge with magnets, tape and clips. Make it clean clear and sleek for your potential buyers. 4) Fold All Towels - Take a tip from hotels, make sure you fold all dish, bath and hand towels in every bathroom and the kitchen area. This neat presentation will appeal to people just as a clean fresh hotel room invites you in. 5) Bake Cookies - The fresh smell of home is a great inviting way to invoke the thought of home in your potential buyers. With just these few hints from the pros on successful marketing and merchandising of your home, you'll have it sold in no time and be able to buy that new home of your dreams. Image source: ©
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