Tolle's Tidbits - Unexpected Pests Pose Issues in OKC

March 5, 2012

That pesky little gopher knew how to frustrate the zealous golfers in Caddyshack. Alternate way to lure gophers. According to the Ideal Homes' Customer Care Team this year is one in which gophers and moles are making a dominant appearance. Read what Tolle shared for this Tolle's Tidbits blog post: "Currently I am seeing an issue that is what I would consider an infestation of the mole and gopher population. Throughout Oklahoma City on the sides of roads and in yards there are a lot of fresh mounds of fine soil along with burrowing lines pushing the grass up. These little critters are ugly, annoying, and can be destructive and costly. They affect not only your lawn but also your home. Moles push up the grass causing raised tunnels and mounds. They love to consume grub worms. By reducing grub worms there's a stronger chance moles may go elsewhere to burrow and live. Worm bait may be used to lure these pests into captivity, but there's a chance they may not eat it. Setting traps in strategic locations might be your best solution. Traps can be bought at your local hardware or home improvement stores. Another flustering little ground destroyer is the mighty gopher. Gophers eat the roots of grass and plants. They make the pretty brown mounds, with not so much the tunneling effect. If fireworks and dynamite don't do the trick* (as seen on T.V.), look to strategic placement of traps. Again you are able to find both traps and bait at hardware and home improvement stores. (*Disclaimer: do not try the firework or dynamite method on pest eradication as it is both illegal and dangerous.) Remember both moles and gophers are destructive creatures and can do a lot of damage to property. Keep an eye out the above mentioned signs on or near property and control them as soon as possible. If eradication methods do not work, consult a pest control professional." You are also welcome to call our Customer Care Team for additional advice. If you have tidbits of advice you would like to share, email Visit Ideal Homes to learn more about our company, products and communities.
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