Tolle's Tidbits - HVAC Love Now Means Utility Love Later

March 4, 2012

No matter the economic climate every home owner can appreciate savings associated with their home. Tolle suggests one simple action to help reduce energy waste thus enhancing utility bill savings monthly - change your HVAC filters every month. An easy way to ensure this happens is to set a recurring reminder on a calendar and stick to the scheduled changes.   Per energy experts loss of up to half of energy in the home is attributed to heating and cooling. A clean filter provides less air flow blockage, which allows the system to work more efficiently. Less wear on the HVAC system by keeping filters clean and preventing dust build up paves the way for more longevity of the unit function and less expensive maintenance.   Our New Home Consultants have a five minute presentation they provide everyone who comes to our new home models in any of our communities. It is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of what lies within the walls of homes and how to care for mechanical systems after the home purchase is made.   Purchasing a new home helps reduce many of the expenses one encounters with heating and cooling. It is still important to maintain HVAC units and other mechanical units within your home. Treat this maintenance the same way oil changes and dental visits are treated: do it to avoid future issues.   Check out our last blog post about deicing alternatives during inclement weather. If you have tidbits of advice you would like to share, email   Visit Ideal Homes to learn more about our company, products and communities.
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