Tips from the Builder Before You Buy

October 22, 2021

When buying a new home, there are certain things you or your realtor should be looking for. Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods trains our builders to check these items at various stages of construction so our homeowners can feel confident they are buying a quality home. Many of the items on our checklist are not issues that even city inspectors are looking for. 

Here's a quick list of six exterior details we check:

  1. Are the windows caulked in all around the house?
  2. Does the house have weep holes in the brick?
  3. Is the brick level and plumb; is there any cracking?
  4. Is flashing installed properly?
  5. Is the yard going to drain?
  6. Are the holes in the Tyvek or sheathing taped properly?

Most builders let the municipalities do their frame punches. At Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods, we do that step for you.  Plus, once the home is nearing completion, we do a complete blue tape/punch list to make sure nothing has been missed. We check for the small details, like the list below:

  1. At the frame stage, has the builder been through the frame with spray paint to check for bowed walls and square columns or corners? This could affect sheetrock or tile on the walls and floor. 
  2. Next, what kind of insulation are they installing?
  3. Make sure all the hinge pins are properly in place and match the finish of the other door hardware. 
  4. Are the doorknobs installed correctly?
  5. Do all the doors have stops installed so walls and trim won't be damaged by a swinging door?
  6. Is all the tile around showers and tubs plumb?
  7. Checking the light bars in bathrooms for level installation
  8. Are all the lights centered in rooms and the pendant lights level over the island?

At the end of your home building process, we want our homeowners to feel confident and comfortable with buying their IDEAL home.

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