Summer Home Safety

July 16, 2014

summer2 We want all of our Ideal Homeowners to have a wonderful summer. To make sure your family and home are safe this summer, follow these four safety tips. 1. Fire Safety - Checking your smoke detectors monthly is a routine every homeowner should practice, no matter what the season. One particular area of concern in the summer is grilling safely. Make sure your grill is located in a safe place far enough away from walls and porches. 2. Vacations - When you're away from your home, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your risks of someone taking advantage of your absence. Refrain from posting news of your trip or family vacation photos until after you've returned home. Also, ask a neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail, put away your trash bin, or take care of any other tell-tale signs that you're away. 3. Heat - When the temperatures reach the triple digits, it's time to take a few extra precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. Make sure your family is drinking plenty of water when doing yard work or playing outside. And don't forget about your pets. They need plenty of water and somewhere out of the sun to cool off on hot days. 4. Lawn equipment - Lawn mowers and other tools can be dangerous when not handled properly. Keep your lawn equipment stored away from where children play. Wear closed-toe shoes and gloves and always follow the manufacturers' guidelines when servicing equipment. We wish all of you a safe and fun summer.
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