Stoops and Ideal Homes By the Numbers

June 7, 2017

The news broke today that Bob Stoops is retiring after 18 years as the head football coach at the University of Oklahoma. As word spread around our Norman headquarters, there’s a lot of shock and awe from Ideal Homes employees. If you’re looking for a quick reaction, check out - whose Barry Trammel broke the story – or one of a thousand other media outlets that have a quick take. Twitter practically exploded. This news made us reflective.  Bob Stoops racked up quite a few wins and awards during his time at Oklahoma. As for us at Ideal Homes, here’s our perspective on some numbers during his time as coach… * 18:  Number of years Bob Stoops coached the Sooners * 6,300:  Approximate number of Ideal Homes built in Oklahoma during Bob Stoops’ head coaching career * 1:  Number of National Championships won by Bob Stoops as a head coach * 18:  Number of national homebuilding awards Ideal Homes received during Bob Stoops’ career as head coach, including America’s Best Builder, National Builder of the Year, and National Housing Quality Gold award. That’s kind of like three national championships in our industry. * .798:  Bob Stoops winning percentage at the University of Oklahoma * .05:  Amount of air that leaks from our tightly constructed homes as compared to an industry average of .30  (Okay now we’re reaching for numbers…but it true) * 9:  Number of bowl wins Bob Stoops had as the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners * 9: Number of kids the members of our marketing department have added to their families during Bob Stoops career With that, we wish the new Oklahoma Football coach Lincoln Riley a long and prosperous career.  
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