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Spring cleaning- a homeowner's rite of passage

June 8, 2022

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? If not, then it is that time of year to sweep out all the cobwebs, break out the caulking, and clean those always-forgotten gutters. 

So, what routine maintenance chores go along with the spring season?

  • Checking exterior caulking
  • Changing batteries in smoke detectors
  • Lubricate the moving garage door parts
  • Flushing hot water tanks
  • Testing the air conditioner
  • Cleaning out the dryer vent cap
  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts
  • And remember to change out the HVAC filters each month

The list above covers only the maintenance work involved in spring cleaning. Now, on to the clean sweep. Here are a few cleaning products you will want to stock up on and keep in your home all year long:

Recommended Cleaning Products

  • Fabuloso, 409, and Fantastik are the general cleaners we recommend for your Ideal home tubs, sinks, countertops, and toilets. They are non-abrasive general-purpose solutions that contain no harsh chemicals that can cause surface pitting in tubs and showers.
  • Bar Keeper’s Friend for any stainless steel. It really is your best friend in cleansers.
  • Bleach to clean your solid surface sinks only.
  • Stainless Steel Magic is a polish to use on stainless sinks and appliances.
  • Cerama Bryte for your smooth surface cooktops.
  • Swiffer is the best product we have found for dusting wood floors. Moist Swiffer is recommended for mopping. Swiffer also works well on ceiling fan blades and shelves; that fluffy duster really latches on to the dust, so it doesn’t resettle on the blades or other knick-knacks.
  • A 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water will help clean stain-resistant carpets without removing stain-resistant material. White vinegar is a miracle cleaner!
  • To help lubricate garage doors and deadbolts, try a Teflon or silicon spray.
  • Use JetDry as a rinse agent in your dishwasher. It conditions the dishwasher while helping to dry dishes. Gets rid of lots of those nasty water spots that inevitably show up.
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner works on glass fireplace doors. It is ammonia-free, so no worries when you light up the fireplace. Your tempered glass will still be tempered.

These are some products to AVOID any time of year:

  • Scrubbing Bubble products contain harsh chemicals that can cause surface pits in Vikrell tubs and showers, so steer clear of those bubbles.
  • Abrasive cleaners (like Comet and Ajax) can scratch bathtub and sink surfaces. There are plenty of other non-abrasive cleaners that work just as well and do not cause damage.
  • You probably will not need them this time of year but stay away from rock salt and ice melt on concrete. Those products will cause permanent damage. Kitty litter works well on icy drives and sidewalks.
  • Resolve or similar products for cleaning carpet stains. If you use Resolve on a stain-resistant carpet, it will remove the stain-resistant materials as well as the stain. Use a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water instead.
  • Stay away from toilet tank tablets; they will erode the seals in the toilet and void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Old English Polish will leave behind a residue that can damage and eat the lacquer finish from your beautifully stained cabinets and woodwork. Use Pledge Wood Polish instead.
  • Steer clear of glass cleaners containing ammonia, especially on the tempered glass-like fireplace doors. Instead, look for glass cleaners with vinegar to avoid breaking down the tempering in the glass.
  • Liquid Drano or other drain cleaners will corrode and damage plumbing pipes. Check with your favorite plumber for a good product to help keep your drains open and running.

These tips and other advice for your spring cleaning are available in “The Ideal Quick Start Guide.” Click on the link for warranty information and advice on maintaining your home and yard. We want your Ideal home to stay ideal!