September Home Maintenance Tips

September 2, 2015

Green apple on stack of red books. It’s hard to believe that the kids are back to school. Don't skip some basic seasonal home maintenance that will keep your home in shape. Check your Furnace – This is the perfect time to test your furnace to make sure there aren’t any problems. It’s cool enough that you can open your windows the first time you turn on your heater. The dust in the vents can sometimes cause a bad smell and can set off the smoke alarms. Doing this now will give you plenty of time to make repairs if you find anything is wrong. Ideal homeowners on our one-year builder warranty will enjoy the convenience of reaching out to our customer care department if they encounter any problems with their home. Clean the Gutters – Take advantage of the mild weather and clean out leaves and debris from your gutters. If water gets trapped in the gutters because of debris and freezes in the cold winter months, it can cause damage. Inspect Weather Stripping – You don’t want to lose warm air in the cold months, so take a look at the weather stripping that’s around the doors and windows and replace it anywhere you find that air could get through. Test the Smoke Detectors – This one is important all year round. Test carbon dioxide and smoke detectors to keep your family safe. Replace Air Filters – This is one of those easy-to-do, but also easy-to-forget, items that should be done monthly. By following these tips, you’ll ensure you’re prepared for that first cold spell that hits Oklahoma.
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