New Homes in OKC After Labor Day

August 27, 2015

New homes in oklahoma City It’s true that the busiest time of year to search for a new home is usually in the spring and summer. Most people move once school is out to alleviate undue family stress and running the risk of changing school systems mid-year. With resale inventory pretty picked over by the end of summer, you may feel disheartened if you are still in the market for a new home. But builders never stop building! If you weren’t considering a brand new home before, you need to ask yourself why. There are so many benefits to purchasing a new home versus a used home and if you’ve never toured a model home before, make it your goal this year on Labor Day weekend. Or Beyond. New Homes in OKC Where No One Has Been Before A new home means no one has ever lived in it before you. That means no one’s gross feet have walked on your floors before, there’s no danger that pets have left invisible presents behind, no one has previously lounged in your tub, and there are no random toenail clippings in your carpets. New Homes in OKC Give You Choices Depending on what building phase you start with, you will have so many choices to personalize the home to your own needs. From flooring, cabinets, and countertops, to special features. You have lots of choices to make with a new home. This makes it your own. New Homes in OKC Are Energy Efficient New homes are built to a level of standards, especially at Ideal Homes, that older homes cannot hope to achieve. They are energy efficient systems that far surpass the energy star rating that you may find in older homes. Not to mention the lack of any energy rating at all that is even more common in older homes. New Homes in OKC are Low Maintenance New homes are built with easy maintenance in mind. Many older homes did not have the advantage of modern materials designed to keep the level of laborious maintenance down. Now from siding to trim, and superior materials, a home can be built keeping the necessity of painting, scraping and refinishing to a minimum. New Homes in OKC Have Warranties When you purchase a new home there are many warranties that come along with the package. You have warranties on all your appliances and Ideal Homes provides builders warranties as well as long term structural warranties for your peace of mind. If you’ve never considered the idea of a new home, now that Labor Day is rolling around it’s about time you came in and visited a model home today.
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