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Meet Taylor Bowden

Meet Taylor Bowden

August 10, 2023

Taylor Bowden’s dream of being a designer all started at the age of 10 while going to design jobs with his grandmother. He said he most enjoys working with customers because everyone has a vastly different design style or aesthetic. 

Bowden said a fun fact about him is that he shares the same birthday with his brother, but they are not twins, they are actually five years apart!

Bowden has worked at the Ideal Design Studio for three years, with over 65 homeowners, helping each one make their design dreams come true. He said he loves looking at the front of the homes with the buyers and envisioning what he would want to see as the customer. Bowden doesn’t just design custom homes; he also creates our pre-designed homes. Bowden says he loves working at Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods because of the incredible support from his team and managers.

Bowden said he loves the modern Nottingham floor plan. This gorgeous 2-story home offers over 2,200 square feet of living space, which means a large canvas for Bowden to work his design magic taking one tile and creating a masterpiece of a home all-around it.

Are you ready to create your own canvas and design your new Ideal home with Taylor Bowden? Contact us to make an appointment.

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