Is now a good time to buy a home?

Peacock family in home under construction

April 20, 2021

You may have seen that building materials have increased significantly in price over the past year, but you've also likely seen that interest rates are still some of the lowest rates in the history of our industry. So, that begs the question: When is the best time to buy a new home?

Low interest rates help offset some of the rising costs of building materials, but is it enough to make owning a home a reality? The truth is that costs will likely continue to rise at increased rates. And, while we can't forecast how interest rates will change over the next year, it's highly likely that the combination of future material prices and possible increased interest rates make right now the most affordable time to buy a home.

Alex Hawkins is a credit consultant with C Solutions, a preferred lender for Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods, and sat down with us to discuss the ins and outs of financing a home in the current marketing. “C Solutions is a liaison between the buyer, builder, and mortgage company,” Alex said. “Our job is to guide you through the home financing process – to help you achieve the home of your dreams.”

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