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International Builders' Show Recap

Steve Shoemaker and Vernon McKown Builders' Show Recap

March 21, 2024

Recently, the Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods team got back from the International Builder Show (IBS). It's a lively gathering in the construction industry where top minds and innovators come together. Going to this show has turned into a tradition for key team members of the team at IDEAL to learn and implement new trends, products and ideas to enhance our homes. It's also a fantastic opportunity to hear economic updates and predictions for the year.

When checking out the latest trends at the Builders' Show, we noticed a shift toward warmer tones. We're already working this trend into the design of our available homes. This trend is all about mixing cozy hues with wood touches, creating a harmonious mix of style and comfort.

We're proud to lead the way with Energy Star homes in the US. Our dedication to sustainability and efficiency is rock solid. At the Builders' Show, we're always seeking ways to boost the energy efficiency of our homes. Our aim is to create homes that cut utility costs, boost comfort, and promote sustainability.

One of our favorite aspects of the of show are the economic insights from industry leaders. Projections show steady growth in home starts across the country which is great news for new homes. There are still challenges ahead with material price increases that continue to push up home prices. Interest rates seem pretty stable, giving potential homebuyers a good chance to start their home-buying adventure. Economists shared that they don't predict much change in interest rates even over the next couple years.