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Committed to Serving the Needs of Others

Committed to Serving the Needs of Others

March 15, 2024

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods was and is, all about helping people, which means that community service is engraved in its DNA. From the earliest days, they focused on customer research to guide building and service delivery. What can we do better? Community service has always been a part of that answer.

From the beginning, Ideal:

  • Contributed time and money to deserving charitable organizations.
  • Recruited partner companies to participate in community outreach efforts.
  • Utilized community auctions to raise money for philanthropic organizations, raising more than $5 million to support various organizations.
  • Encouraged employees to take leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations that were near and dear to their hearts. AND made paid time available for their volunteer efforts.
  • Helped educate employees about organizations that needed assistance.

Ideal gives back 10% of profits to local, national and international charitable organizations. The company and individuals at Ideal focus on philanthropic efforts to help offer a hand-up in making an impact on the areas where we live and work – and beyond.

On the national level, Ideal completed mission trips to Los Angeles and Kansas City, working with local not-for-profits and churches to help defray the horror of homelessness and to assist local communities after devastating storms. (Contribution = $66,000)

  • Aug 2022 Mission to LA:  As part of its mission to serve its neighbors, 20 Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods employees and their families traveled to Los Angeles, California, for the company’s first-ever mission trip. The Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods team came to LA for five days because California has the largest rate of homeless per capita of any state. This trip helped the Ideal team understand the broader issues of homelessness and poverty in a community. During the trip, Ideal worked with inner-city youth and the homeless to provide much-needed meals and cleanup efforts in underserved areas of LA and Anaheim
  • Aug 2023 Mission to Kansas City: Based in Central Oklahoma, Ideal has had numerous up-close-and-personal experiences with the aftermath of tornados. One year Ideal teams deployed into one of their neighborhoods to place address signs for insurance underwriters. There was nothing else left of that neighborhood.

With this in mind, Ideal team members and their families recently traveled to Kansas City for a mission trip to serve community members in need after tornadoes and other severe weather events ravaged the metro area in July. They were able to pack meals and clean up neighborhoods with storm damage. 

On these trips, Ideal established relationships with the organizations it served and plans to continue similar trips in the future. 

According to Ideal’s president, Steve Shoemaker, maybe the greatest thing to come out of these trips was a greater understanding and appreciation of the scope of the issues these community organizations face. “We need to understand better and be reminded of the broader issues associated with poverty and homelessness and learn from that,” he said.

At the international level, Ideal contributed $1,000 for every house sold in 2022 to Mission of Hope to build new houses in Haiti for families who lost their homes to devastating earthquakes ($535,000) and packed meals for children in Haiti.

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman and child. With campuses in the Caribbean, Mission of Hope partners with local churches to transform lives through church advancement, nutrition, education and medical care.

Ideal’s $535,000 contribution built 44 homes in 2022. That’s 44 families no longer living under tarps – 44 families with running water and sanitation. Mission of Hope’s mission is to bring life transformation to every man, woman and child. Thanks to Ideal Homes, the lives of 44 families have been transformed in a very good way.

In addition to building homes in Haiti, Ideal has twice packed thousands of meals so Mission of Hope can provide a daily, nutritious meal for more than 120,000 children in 500 Haiti schools and orphanages and help move them from hunger to HOPE! Ideal Homes’ employees gather along with their spouses and children to pack meals. Expecting to repeat their previous goal of 20,000 meals, this year they packed 27,000 nutritious, sustainable meals for distribution to children who often don’t have enough to eat.

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is a company with a big heart that extends its outreach efforts from its local communities all-around the world.