Industries in Oklahoma City: Diverse and Ever Expanding

December 18, 2018

The industries operating in Oklahoma City are diverse, and the list is ever expanding. Those areas of commerce with the highest number of employees are listed below, but many other types of businesses are being introduced in OKC on almost a daily basis and often with great success. AVIATION/AEROSPACE More than 38,000 workers are employed by the 265 aviation and aerospace firms operating in Oklahoma City. These individuals primarily hold high-wage, technology-based positions around which support-related businesses (offering training, parts, repairs, software, etc.) are often formed, leaving almost unlimited space—and demand—for new businesses and new jobs. ENERGY Long known as a major player in the oil and gas industry, Oklahoma also has an abundant supply of wind, making it a natural home to companies focused on generating energy from wind power. OKC career opportunities in the energy sector include those related to science, such as geology and engineering, as well as those that are more business oriented, like human resources and accounting. BIOTECHNOLOGY Oklahoma City companies focused on some aspect of biotechnology—whether in goods, services, education, research, or testing—employ more than 44,000 workers. A large number of these individuals are not only highly educated and trained, but also extremely well paid. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS Its geographic location at the center of the country has literally placed Oklahoma City at the crossroads of America, with three major highways running through: I-40, I-35, and I-44. Add that to an average of 350 good-weather-flying days per year and you have a variety of career opportunities in the transportation and logistics industries. These include airport operations, freight trucking, warehousing, and railroad transportation, among others. GOVERNMENT The seat of government for both the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City is also home to its own city government and to regional offices for a number of federal government agencies. Government-related jobs make up approximately 20-percent of the Greater OKC employment pool. HEALTH CARE With more than 60,000 health care sector employees, Oklahoma City has 20 general medical and surgical hospitals, four specialized hospitals and two federal medical installations. Together these offer more than 5,000 beds to the community and lots of job opportunities for health care professionals. TELECOMMUNICATIONS Consisting of wireline, wireless, satellite and cable companies, Oklahoma City’s telecommunications businesses grow and diversify right along with the industry itself. Job opportunities in this industry range from office workers to sales staff, to technical support and installation workers. More information on the industries located in Oklahoma City can be found here.      
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