How To Tip: Preparing Your Home For The Spring Season

March 1, 2012

For many it may already feel like spring has sprung, but there is no doubt it's on its way. Here are a few how to tips and ideas beyond cleaning windows to get your home ready for spring so you can enjoy the nicer weather and not be bogged down with endless to-do lists. When you start your spring prep early you can spread out your honey-do list, and by the time the warm weather is here to stay you will have the time to enjoy it. Outdoor Walkabout: While some winters are harsher than others, the cold temperatures, freezes and ice can take its toll on your windows, doors, roofing and gutters. Get up and get out, and take a walk around the house.
  • Examine caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors
  • Check downspouts for winter damages, clogs and leaks
  • Check gutters for debris and the last remnants of fall
  • Examine roofing for cracked, torn or missing shingles
  • Examine siding and decks, and schedule power-washing for a warm day
This is a great time to refresh or replace, clean and examine exterior of your home. Landscaping Look Around: While it may not be time to start planting for the spring, it's not too early to take a look at your tools and supplies, take inventory of your garden tools and make sure they are clean and ready for use when it's time to get started. A few housekeeping items you can take care of before the spring planting can take place now to reduce time and effort when the warm weather does roll in.
  • Remove all debris including downed limbs and leaves
  • Power-wash pathways, retaining walls, and decks
  • Replace any old or cracked hoses, rakes, and garden tools
  • Plan your garden and start lists of supplies you will need when ready to plant
Cleaning and clearing out beds, putting lists together and getting a visual layout of what your landscaping plan on paper will help when the spring plants hit the stores. All Systems Go: As the seasons transition, it's always a good time to look at your HVAC system to make sure your home is ready for the temperature changes. Doing a systems check early will help prepare your home for the impending weather changes.
  • Change out air filters
  • Check your supply
  • Stock up if need be
  • Make sure your air conditioning is in good working order
Consider having a professional come in now to check over your system before the heat wave rush. This will save you money, and long waits as everyone else's is phoning in their emergencies. Test Your Safety Equipment: This is a great time to go through all the emergency systems in your house, press buttons, make sure you get a response, refresh batteries and make sure your safety equipment is all in working order. Make sure to remember to:
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Check Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Check Fire extinguishers
  • Check Home security system
Often these systems are out of sight, out of mind. Adding them to a spring and fall inspection list will help maintain these valuable systems in your home. Once you've had a chance to take a look at these important aspects of your home you will be all ready for spring and so will your home. Image source: ©
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