How to Choose a Home Builder in Oklahoma City?

November 5, 2015

choosing your Oklahoma City Home BuilderWhen you're searching for a new home in Oklahoma City or the surrounding areas, what are your must have's in a home? It’s always important to make a list and check it twice on what you need and what you want. But have you ever thought about what you want in a builder? When you buy a car, how often do you look under the hood and examine the engine? Would you even know what you were looking at? Often it’s the features in the car, the safety record, the miles per gallon, and the reputation of the car company that helps you select a car. It should be the same when choosing a builder. Many home buyers in Oklahoma City begin their search with a long list of wants and needs which include many topical features such as granite counter tops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, patios, and features that while beautiful – do not always speak to the quality of construction. Any builder can source granite, hardwoods and so forth, but it’s the attention to detail and the bones of your house that matter alongside genuine caring customer service. Often the most important things that go into making your home can’t be seen. A finely crafted new home in Oklahoma City built by Ideal Homes begins before you even see the foundation and frame go up. It starts with a commitment to excellence, and an attention to how you live. That’s why it’s so important to Ideal Homes to continue to create new innovations when designing our floor plans for livability. Every new home in Oklahoma City that we build has been well planned from design to energy efficiency. The entire home works together as an energy efficient system to save you money in the long run and make living in one of our Ideal EnergyAdvantage homes easy and comfortable. We are constantly making energy innovations in our new homes in Oklahoma City. We have a commitment to our homeowners to do the best work we possibly can. We live in the communities where we build. We stand behind our work. And, we go that extra mile to make sure our homeowners are happy from the moment they sign their contract through the many years they live in their homes. Not all new homes in Oklahoma City come with instructions, but ours do! We provide home owner manuals, follow-up visits during the first year of homeownership, and we strive to educate each of our new homeowners about their homes. We have a proactive customer care team that visits our homeowners twice in the first year to address any issues covered under our one-year builder warranty. We know a well informed homeowner is a happy one. We have a commitment to our home owners as we build the finest communities in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.
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