Getting Your New Home Ready for Winter

November 13, 2015

Every year we do at least one article about preparing your new home in Oklahoma City for the winter weather. Well, it’s important! Home maintenance and winterization is no joke. We’ve given you the 8 To-Do’s to prepare your home for winter, and we’ve talked about Fall home maintenance. You may be tired of reading through our lists. So here are a few great videos we’ve found that help you prepare your home for the winter. Do a general check of insulation, weather stripping, returns and air filters, and winterize your outside hose bibs. Clean and clear gutters, inspect fireplaces and chimneys, and replace batteries for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace screen doors and windows with storm doors and storm windows and think about getting a whole home energy assessment. While each and every Ideal Home has the most cutting edge features when it comes to energy efficiency, you can never go wrong checking your home by starting with some of these helpful hints. We hope these three videos were helpful. Feel free to go back to some of our previous articles on winterizing your home as another source of information.
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