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February 19, 2015

If you want to buy a new home in the Oklahoma City metro area, but you still have a home to sell, here are a few tips that will help you stage and sell your home. There are lots of great articles out there, but we’ve tried to condense a few of the best right here. Remove Your Personality – As you get ready to sell your home, it’s good to remind yourself that you want to make this hospitable to become someone else’s home. This means in the de-clutter process you need to depersonalize the home. You might like having every item under the sun out on your kitchen counter and all the kids’ artwork on the refrigerator, but it’s time to remove those items and allow someone else to envision himself or herself in your home.Beautiful kitchen
  • Clear Surfaces
  • Simplify décor
  • Remove personal photos and mementos
  • Neutralize walls and wall art
  • Put away toys and knick-knacks
Create Curb Appeal – The front of your home is what invites or rejects potential buyers right out of the gate. Often people may find your home on line, and then drive by and if they don’t like what they see...keep on moving. Stand in front of your home with a critical eye and really look at what needs to be done and ask yourself a few questions.
  • Is the paint peeling?
  • Does it need to be power washed?
  • Does it need sweeping?
  • Are there repairs that are needed?
  • How can some simple plantings improve the look?
  • Are outside lights and windows clean?
Look at Room Uses – It may be fine to you that the dining room is the kids play room, and the 4th bedroom is your extra closet...but this may not be how a potential homebuyer wants to use that space. Be objective and set the rooms back up as they should be.
  • Remove Clutter
  • Remove Smells
  • Bring in a professional cleaner
  • Steam clean carpets
  • Remove personal items from bathrooms
  • Remove visual barriers like throw rugs
Just these few lists, questions, ideas and tips can help make selling your home a snap, and we’ll have you in a new home of your own in no time.
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