Customer Service is Our Passion

February 12, 2015

Home ownership, holding the keys to your new home in the oklahoma city metro.Here at Ideal Homes, not only do we build communities in the Oklahoma City Metro area, but we all live in the area. As a local builder we not only invest in the communities we create, we invest in the surrounding community as well. Our philosophy for customer care is to be proactive and make sure our homeowners are happy. We do this by providing a comprehensive manual to your entire new home. Our customer care team sets up an orientation appointment to guide new homeowners on educational tours of their own homes in order to learn how to best care and use the home. With our energy efficient heating and cooling systems we make sure you are set up to get the best performance. But it doesn’t stop with just our orientation appointment. We do two different follow-up visits during your first year of homeownership. At both 60 days and 11 months, we review any concerns that are covered under your one-year warranty and make sure your home is up to our standards of excellence. We go above and beyond to make sure our homeowners are completely knowledgeable about their homes. The customer care team has compiled a series of articles and videos full of useful tips, information and advice to help you get the most out of your home. Our article archives provide home maintenance tips, checklists, and other useful information. We also address the fun side of things with design, decoration, and landscaping ideas. We care about the long-term enjoyment our homeowners will get from their home. Our service doesn’t just stop when we hand over the keys. We continue to be here for you as part of the community.
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