Get the Advantage with EnergyAdvantage New Homes

January 10, 2013

When looking for a new home, most of the time we shop with our eyes. We look at layout, features, options, and amenities. However some of the most important features of a new home are not things that are easy to see, but in the long run make the difference between ease and affordability of living versus watching money literally fly out the window in heating and cooling expenses. Ideal Homes continues to strive toward creating the most energy efficient homes in the Oklahoma City area so that you aren't even thinking about your heating and cooling bills as you enjoy all the beautiful features your eyes can see. Instead you are able to focus your budget on the many other important expenses like art or karate classes for the kids, gear for your favorite hobby, school trips, family vacations, and more. We reduce your energy costs by treating the entire home as a system. We look at how all the materials come together to save you more money while continuing to improve the beauty of your home. Among the many energy saving materials and products used in an EnergyAdvantage home, are Energy Star appliances, vinyl windows with low E glass, and a detailed insulation system installed during each stage of the building process from the foundation to the attic. When looking into purchasing any energy-efficient home, take a look at the Home Energy Rating System Score. (HERS score) Only quality homes built with energy efficiency in mind have HERS scores and can help you take a look at the overall livability and long term budgetary impact of owning a new home. The lower the HERS score the more savings are realized each month on heating and cooling a home. When shopping for a new home make sure to compare apples to apples not apples to lemons. We are so confident in our energy saving building practices that we guarantee low heating and cooling usage. We've partnered with Environments For Living, and if the actual usage goes up over the guarantee we will pay the difference. See details at New home buyers who are informed about the construction and materials used in their home to create lower long-term home ownership costs can make smarter decisions about their initial home buying purchase.
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