First-time Home Buyer, Move-Up, or Down-Sizing

June 25, 2019

Moving, First-time homebuyer, move-up homebuyer, downsizing Here at Ideal Homes, we've worked with all kinds of homebuyers. Every homebuyer is unique, but through the years, we've learned that different types of homebuyers have different needs. Here are some things to know based on what type of home buyer you are. First-time Homebuyer: Finding your first home can be such an exciting process! It can also be full of questions and even some anxiety about what to expect. That's why Ideal Homes walks the home-buyer through every single step of the process. Whether it's choosing the right floor plan, understanding the mortgage process, choosing the design selections, or closing on your new home, we'll be with you to answer any questions and guide you through the steps. If you're moving from a rental, don't forget to take into account new expenses such as home maintenance and utilities. It's one of the reasons Ideal Homes is proud to offer homebuyers a one-year builder's warranty and guaranteed heating and cooling costs so there aren't any surprises. Move-up Buyer: Whether your family has expanded or you simply want more square footage for your hobbies and lifestyle, there comes a point when you need more space. After owning at least one home before, you have a solid idea of your wants and needs in a home, which makes this stage a lot of fun! You've had some experience buying a home, so you know the pitfalls to avoid. So this is your chance to relax and enjoy finding that perfect home. If you're hoping to move up into a home that's Pinterest worthy, you'll have one of our design center team members there to help you bring your dreams to reality. Downsizing Buyer: Too much space can mean too much time and money spent on the care and upkeep of your home. Ready to spend that time and money other places? Downsizing might be just what you need. You're probably a pro at the homebuying process. Now, you need to move your focus to prioritizing your wants and finding a space that has fewer square feet without sacrificing the things that are really important to you in your home. It's also a time to minimize your belongings. If you haven't already, you'll need to dedicate time to sorting through making decisions about what to do with the items you're parting with. Downsizing is a wonderful opportunity for a clean slate and a more minimal lifestyle. We design our homes to maximize every square foot and to keep your living space bright and open. Ready to learn more? Contact Elena to set up a tour of one of our communities today.  
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