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Customer Service Philosophy


Two Year Home Warranty

Building new homes is our passion and making sure our homeowners are happy is our business. Since we live and work in the Oklahoma City metro alongside our homeowners, we are invested in their satisfaction with our new homes. We don’t just build a neighborhood and get the heck out of town. After three decades, we aren’t going anywhere, and we continue to create communities with happy homeowners.

Not all new homes come with instructions, but ours do! From home owner manuals to the multiple follow-up visits during the first two years of homeownership, we strive to help everyone become knowledgeable about their homes. To us, a well informed homeowner, is a happy homeowner.

Our proactive customer care team sets up an Orientation Appointment and conducts an educational tour of the home. Homeowners learn all about the care and use of their homes during a final walk-thru before we hand over the keys.

The customer care team visits two more times in the first two years of homeownership to ensure all expectations are met. During our visits we continue to impart helpful home maintenance tips and reminders. Homeowners can also submit warranty requests at any time during the two-year warranty to request a service appointment.


beautiful kitchen at a new home in oklahoma city area

We go above and beyond to make sure the home buying and homeownership process is a great experience with Ideal Homes.

Current customers can visit for support.