Finding The Right Agent To Sell Your Current Home

October 11, 2012

Are you hooked on a new home, but have an old home to sell? Finding the right real estate agent to list and sell your home can make it easy to get into your dream home. Here are a few tips to help you find the best Realtor to help with the sale of your old home so you can move forward with your new home purchase. Referrals can be key - It can be rather daunting to find an agent as there are so many out there, and when you list your home, you sign a listing agreement that locks you into binding contract with a set duration. You are going to entrust an agent to sell your home, so you want to make sure you find the right one. Find out from friends, family and other reputable sources who they might recommend and begin to compile a list of viable agents. Ask your friends and family the pros and cons they encountered with each agent they recommend. See how this list matches your needs. You can further narrow the field by taking a look at their websites and social media sites to see who they are and get a feel for their level of professionalism. Once you are ready to start interviewing agents consider some key questions that will help you evaluate how they will go about selling your home. Find out about their level of experience:
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many homes have they sold?
  • What is their typical price range?
  • Have they ever sold homes in your neighborhood?
  • How many home sales do they average a year?
These kinds of questions will speak to their level of knowledge about their business, your neighborhood, homes that sell in your price range, the target market and how much of a go-getter they may be. If their normal price range for selling is exceptionally different from the range you'd like your house to sell for, ask them more about their strategy for dealing with homes in your price range. Familiarity with the neighborhood, the schools, and surrounding area can be key to selling a home quickly. Their numbers will tell you if they are a in it to win it. Find out about their marketing techniques:
  • How many open houses will they have?
  • Are they going to send out mailers to your neighborhood?
  • Are they going to market in real estate magazines?
  • What websites are they going use to market your home?
  • How will they engage the relocation market?
  • Will they put together virtual tours of your home, and take professional grade pictures?
Because 90% of people begin their search for their next home online, you need to know if your potential real estate agent is proficient in using all the latest tools and sites available to market your home. Will they use postlets, zillow, trulia, and other sites besides just the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to get your home out on the internet? Often times the MLS aggregate to other sites online, but you need to know if this will include high quality virtual tours, pictures and enticing language designed to draw in buyers. Find out about their process:
  • How will they qualify the buyers so that you aren't cleaning your house to the 9s every time someone says they might want to look at the house?
  • How are they making sure your home is secure during open houses, and when other real estate agents show your home?
  • Are there recommendations they would make both about improving the inside and the outside of the home to make it more appealing to potential buyers?
Make sure you get references. Get the names of 3-5 former clients so you can get a better grasp first hand on the quality of service. Taking the time to interview several agents after you narrow down your referrals will help you find the best match to sell your home. Make sure you are getting someone that knows the territory and can deliver the results you seek. With the right agent on the job, you'll be closing on your new home in no time.
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