Financing a New Ideal Home

Homeowner working at desk

October 6, 2021

Financing an Ideal home is easier than ever and by using a preferred lender you can now receive up to $4,000 in credit towards closing costs.

  1. Work with our team to choose your future home or homesite and write a contract. You'll put down earnest money (anywhere from 1-3% of the final purchase price) as part of the contract.
  2. Get pre-approved! You can do this before you write a contract or after, but if you use an Ideal preferred lender to finance your new home, we will give you up to $4,000 toward closing costs!
  3. Work with your lender to submit the necessary paperwork for your home loan.
  4. About 60 days before your home is complete you can lock in your interest rate with your lender.
  5. On closing day, you will receive your keys and get to move into your new home!
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