Fill Your Ideal Home With Love & Traditions

May 25, 2011

What better way to celebrate the blessings of having a new Ideal home than by creating traditions to call your very own. Whether you live by yourself, share your place with a significant other or have a home filled with children, your ideas for creating traditions are endless. Here are few thoughts to get your creative juices flowing: 1. Take a family photo in the same place with the same people at the same time every year. Take a Mother's Day photo, for example, with mom and all the kids sitting on the living room couch. 2. Every year take a photo on the first day of school in the same place. 3. Celebrate your new home closing anniversary each year. With each anniversary, remember you're paying more and more down on that 30-year mortgage. 4. Designate one night a week as "Fix It Yourself & Eat What You Want." That might mean PB&J and popcorn for the parents, scrambled eggs and bananas for the teenager and ice cream for the toddler. 5. Gather loved ones on a regular basis for movie night, game night or puzzle night. 6. Celebrate with your Ideal neighbors by organizing a yearly block party. Ask your Ideal Homes new home sales consultant for suggestions. 7. Hold a family slumber party in the living room every three months. 8. On rainy Saturdays, have an inside picnic. Spread a blanket or beach towels on the floor, and enjoy a bucket of KFC. 9. Put out a favorite holiday decoration every year. This could be a special plate for the birthday boy or girl, a Halloween wicked witch or a macaroni Christmas tree. Priceless memories are created by family rituals and traditions. The sky is the limit on how to fill your Ideal home with happiness, love and giggles. For more information on Ideal Homes, contact us at (405) 267-0049 or visit
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