Eco-Friendly Decorations for Our OKC Homes

December 3, 2015

eco friendly home okcWhen we design and build our energy efficient homes in OKC, we have your family’s comfort and budget in mind. So why blow the budget around the holidays? Here are some great eco-friendly tips to make the holidays as energy efficient and low impact as your home is year round. Live Trees - That’s right a live tree is actually a great choice. Nearly all holiday trees are grown on tree farms which means they are grown on a yearly basis, with a system of replenishment that does not impact the forests. At the end of the season trees can be turned into mulch or recycled. Fake trees on the other hand take a lot of energy and petroleum-based materials to manufacture. Often they are produced overseas and use further resources to ship to your door. Energy Efficient Light Strands - LED lights are 90% more efficient then the traditional holiday strands. They last up to 10,000 hours compared to their counterparts at about 5,000 hours. These light strands are actually safer than traditional incandescent lights--LED’s do not get hot and are less likely to cause fires. Burnt out filaments and replacement bulbs are a thing of the past with LED’s and the bulbs are plastic rather than glass so there is less chance of breakage. Go Natural - There’s a reason why garlands used to be made of real items like pinecones, cranberries, natural pine boughs, and popcorn. They are inexpensive and easy to recycle. Likewise try to go natural while setting the atmosphere. Bowls of pinecones, Poinsettias (But be careful if you have cats), ever greens and holiday plants. Homemade Wreaths - Think about the three R’s and the P. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle…and Pinterest is your friend. There are a million ideas abounding on how to use regular items in the house to make beautiful holiday wreaths. Do you have old t-shirts? Find the colors appropriate for your needs, cut ribbon strips get creative! You’ll have a wreath in no time. Holiday Scents - You don’t need to burn down the budget with scented holiday candles and plug ins. You can bring in the holiday spirit with slices of orange, ginger, and apples along with cinnamon sticks brought to a simmer on your stove top. The fragrance will envelop the house without the cloying artificial smells of chemicals you find in other scented products. LED Candles - Burnin’ Down the House, shouldn’t be they lyrics swimming in your head along side sugar plumb fairies as you try to set a flickering ambiance in your holiday home. Not only are LED candles more eco-friendly, they take away the fear factor that pets, toddlers, and clumsy relatives bring to the party. These 6 green holiday tips will help you enjoy a more eco-friendly holiday.
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