Buying Advantages During the Winter Holidays

November 6, 2014

buying a house at the holidaysPeople are out in droves searching for homes in the spring and summer but why not treat yourself to a new home for the holidays? There are many advantages to purchasing during winter months. Winter Weather Handling - This is the perfect time of year to see how a new home handles the winter weather. With Ideal Homes we have geothermal options and EnergyAdvantage homes. You can see them in action and compare them to other homes as you shop. Tax Advantages - Buyers looking for a new home before the end of the year can take advantage of home ownership benefits on their current year's taxes. Mortgage Advantages - Often times because it's a slower season for sales loan companies may offer benefits and breaks to get your business. With lower overall sales during the winter season, loans may process faster. Agent Availability - With fewer clients looking during the winter months, you will receive more individualized attention from your real estate professionals. Neighborhood Maintenance - When the leaves are down you'll be able to see how your neighbors tend their lawns, driveways, and sidewalks. This will give you an overall view of how things are maintained and manicured during the messiest of seasons. Check out the Decorations - During the holiday months, you'll get a chance to see how invested your neighbors are in the outside of their homes. You'll get a feel for the warmth and charm of the neighborhood. Are there wreaths, hay bails, mums, lights, and inviting scenes? Or does it look like everyone shuts themselves inside and has no involvement in the sights and people around them. Overall, winter is a great time to purchase your new home. If you'd like to come out and see what we have to offer feel free to contact Elena and set up an appointment.
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