Build Your New Home, Build New Memories and Traditions

December 20, 2012

Around the holidays it always seems to be even more apparent than ever that a house is not just a well put together design of bricks and sticks but a home where memories and traditions are made. When you embark on the process of building a home it can be involved. You and your builder strive to make sure that everything is just so. You painstakingly choose the right community, home site, floor plan, layout, elevation, cabinets, floors, counter tops and other details that make this the perfect home for you and your family. But what isn't always apparent, or at the top of your mind as you are going through the building process, is that you are creating a unique space that is all your own. It has never belonged to any other family and this is the home that will become the blank slate not just to house your family, but to chronicle each step in their journey in your home. When the first holiday season rolls around in your new home, you will begin to build your decoration plan in your mind. How will you decorate the front porch? What kind of lights will adorn the windows? Where will you place the tree or other holiday decorations? Will baking cookies and listening to holiday music become part of the household routine for the holidays? If you've never owned your own home, you don't realize the extra level of settling in you have when you can assign permanent places for lights, stockings or other decorations. There is an extra level of settling in, and settling down that comes when you sit back sipping your hot cocoa and looking at your handiwork or munch on a cookie in your very own home. It is in this home that you call your own where family memories and traditions begin to take shape. While these commemorations and customs will carry from home to home, it will be the first recollections that you will use as a touchstone as your homes grow and change along with your family. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season from Ideal Homes.
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