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Award Winning Interior Designer

Award Winning Interior Designer

November 28, 2023

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods has been fortunate over the years to work with several talented interior designers and home decorators. Taylor Stallard, owner of Blonde + Blue Design, who works closely with the Ideal Design Studio on our model home decor, has been recognized for a special state achievement.

Stallard has been doing interior design for over seven years but started her own business, Blonde + Blue Design in 2021. This month, her talents and business were recognized for the NextGen Under 30 Award. NextGen Under 30 Oklahoma recognizes individuals who demonstrate talent, drive and service to their communities. Winners this year were from across the entire state. The NextGen Under 30 mission is to identify and honor young Oklahomans, to encouraging them to follow their lifetime family and career goals in the Sooner State. NextGen Under 30 recognizes and encourages the next generation of innovative, creative, and inspiring individuals who push the boundaries in various categories of endeavor. In addition, award winners are selected based upon their participation in and contribution to their communities. A panel of respected business and civic leaders serve as judges for this award.

“I was so surprised when I was notified that I had been nominated for this award,” Stallard said. Once she was nominated, she received an application to fill out about herself and her business. A panel of judges then decide who will qualify as NextGen Under 30 recipients. In the application, nominees share how they started in the design industry.

"I told them about how I went to school for design, worked on the East Coast, moved back to Oklahoma and started my business. I also state that Blonde + Blue was created with three goals in mind,” said Stallard.

Those goals:
1. To understand the art and science of client behavior
2. Create an environment that inspires joy and brings people together
3. Establish a personalized, stylish and functional way of living

At Ideal, we are all about serving the communities in which we live and work and we are overjoyed that Stallard shares the same passion. “I have always enjoyed serving my community and connecting with people, but being able to do that while owning my business is extra special,” she said. “My business partnerships have opened the doors of opportunity to help meet the needs of my community. Recently, a widow in our church lost everything and was sleeping on the floor. Partnering with Heart & Home, a connection made through Blonde + Blue, we were able to fully furnish her apartment using donations from the church. My business was able to contribute and install a living room, dining room, and two full bedrooms,” she continued.

When asked what is means to be recognized for this award, she beams with pride. “The success of Blonde + Blue is measured by the beautiful spaces that are created, but more importantly in how pleased the client is at the end of the process,” Stallard said. “Blonde + Blue is a turnkey service, from selection to installation. I am always looking for the best price and product, and I pride myself in remaining flexible to the client’s wants and needs. I strive to give my clients a first-class experience, from the starting point to completion,” she said. “I am energized by the amazing people I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. I feel a strong conviction to help meet the needs of those in our community. I believe someone’s surroundings directly impacts the way they feel, and the energy they have each day. Despite the early success and growth of Blonde + Blue, I am most driven by the meaningful fulfillment of helping others. This award meant so much to me. I was taught very early that in order to get a good outcome in life, you must work very hard. You must treat others how you want to be treated, and your focus should be how you can help someone else, not yourself.  I have carried this into my adulthood and my business. Without these meaningful lessons, I truly wouldn't be where I am today! I love this great state. It raised me. I am excited to serve it and see it succeed,” she exclaimed.

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is proud to work with Taylor Stallard of Blonde + Blue Design and we look forward to new projects with her in the new year to come. If you’d like to look at Stallard’s Ideal design projects, click here.