9 Holiday Craft Ideas To Try in Your New Home

December 2, 2014

If you've just moved into a brand new home you are probably excited to figure out where all those decorations go for the first time, bake some cookies and light up the fireplace. Continuing or creating family traditions can go a long way toward making you feel settled into your new home. Craft projects and homemade items add a unique quality to the household holiday decor that purchasing them from big box stores just can't replicate. Here are some craft ideas to help create the holiday atmosphere along with new family traditions: 1. Hand Painted Ornaments hand painted ornaments Start a tradition to paint a glass ornament each year or check out all these other homemade ornament ideas.   2. Make a peppermint or candy cane candle. peppermint-candle   All this project takes are candy sticks or round peppermints, a hot glue gun and a candle, color and scent of your choice. 3. Spray paint pine cones for centerpieces. pine cones Pretty easy, pick a color - silver, gold, sparkles and pair with real or fake greens in a bowl or a glass jar for the table tops. 4. Wooden Blocks with Holiday themes. holiday themed wooden blocks Take some wood blocks, some paint and use your imagination and make some decorations. We believe you can do anything with this idea. Take a look at some others here. 5. Mason Jar candles. mason jar holiday candles Take a page from Pottery Barn and do it your self. All you need is a mason jar, some holiday greens, a pillar candle that will fit in the mouth of the jar, some twine, hot glue and pine cones. You can use a little white paint to simulate snow on the pine cones and voila! 6. Try making some good, old-fashioned paper snowflakes. Window+1 Here's a twist from Laura Howard's blog you can create a snowflake curtain! 7. Card Garland card-display If you don't have a fireplace or want to do something different than hanging them on the mantle try a card garland winding it's way up your banister or these other holiday card display ideas. 8. Kids Crafts - Paint Sample Chip Pine Trees paint sample chip pine trees Easy projects for the kids that will keep them busy and create some fun. 9. Homemade Wreaths orange slice wreath Let the smells of the holidays wash over you with this handmade wreath of orange slices, or try one out of cinnamon or other holiday favorites. Mix fun family projects in with your store-bought items to give your decorations and eclectic feel.