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Winter Weather Prep: Furnace Heat Tape

December 22, 2022

Andrea Nance, Customer Care Manager, takes us inside a new Ideal home in Norman, OK to show us one of the most important steps to preparing for winter weather: checking your furnace heat tape. Your furnace is located inside the attic of your new Ideal home. You should see what looks like a power cord plugged into an outlet close to your furnace. On one end is a braided cord and in the middle is a small box with a switch. If the braided cord is warm to the touch and the light on the small box is lit, then your condensation line is being heated properly and should not freeze during the winter. 

If for some reason the cord is not warm and/or the light is not on, pull back the tape and reset the switch. This should turn the warming system back on and ensure the condensation line does not freeze.

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